USW Students at Gower College Swansea

If you’re studying a University of South Wales course through Gower College Swansea, this page gives you all the links you'll need to use during your time on the course. Below the links, you can also find an overview of the responsibilities and contacts in both institutions.

USW Web Links

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UniLearn (Blackboard)
USW's Virtual Learning Environment.

USW Library
Access USW's Library Resources.

Most USW courses require students to use the Harvard Referencing Style. Make sure you're familiar with the Referencing Guides for your course.

USW Enrolment
All USW Students have to enrol (register) with the University of South Wales. You can do this online.

End-of-Year Results
You will need your USW student ID number and your USW password to access your results.

Extenuating Circumstances
If something unexpected affects your ability to suceed at an assessment, you can apply for extenuating circumstances.

Academic Appeals
If you think someone made an error in the mark recorded for your work, or there have been irregularities in the written instructions or the conduct of exams, you can make an Academic Appeal.

Student Casework
A brief guide to University regulations and procedures for Student Casework.

USW Graduations

Find out all you need to know about our Graduation Ceremonies.

Advice & Services

USW Advice Zones
USW's Advice Zones can help with queries about appeals, extenuating circumstances and other academic matters.

USW Progression Bursary
We offer our Progression Bursary to students who choose to top up their USW HND or foundation degree to a full honours degree at one of our USW campuses.
USW Careers
You can access the full range of careers support and services. Study Skills Resources
Access USW's Study Skills guides and resources. For study skills support with a tutor, please contact your college. USW Regulations and Policies
USW's regulations, policies and procedures set out the rules and expectations that the University and its students are expected to adhere to.

Internet & IT

Reset your USW password
If you've forgotten your password, or if it has expired, you can reset it online.

Your USW Email Account

As a USW student, you have an Office 365 account which includes Outlook Mail, Outlook Calendar, OneDrive online storage, Office applications and more.


USW Students' Union
The Students' Union is there to represent your interests. Course Reps
USW Students' Union's guidance for Course Reps.

Gower College Swansea Web Links



GCS has its own Virtual Learning Environment- Moodle. It can be used to access resources, upload assignments, complete assessments and chat with other learners and lecturers using the forums. 

The HE Library has a dedicated and experienced Advisor who works closely with the Curriculum team to ensure support and resources are available throughout the duration of your course. The HE Advisor is on hand to support all aspects of your study within the Library and is bookable for one-to-one support.

Advice & Services

Student Support
As well as your Personal Tutor, the college has a team of dedicated Student Support Officers and Health Advisors who can offer help and support on a number of issues that may be affecting your studies.

Additional help for Care Leavers.

Specialist support for students with additional needs
We offer advice to students with specific learning differences including dyslexia, dyspraxia and ADHD for example, on how to access appropriate specialist support, reasonable adjustments for examinations, screening and assessment along with guidance on the Disabled Student Allowance (DSA) funding application process.

Safeguarding is all about keeping our learners safe and protecting them from harm, abuse, bullying etc. The details of our safeguarding officers are available using the QR code on the back of your ID card, this code can also be used to access out of hours emergency support in the evening, on weekends or holiday periods.

Prevent Duty 
The Prevent Duty is Legislation that all statutory bodies and Education Establishments must comply with. It is a government response to support or prevent people becoming radicalised. 

The College Safeguarding and Prevent Policies can be accessed via Moodle or the college website.

The College awards a bursary of £1000 in each year for all full time HE students studying on a programme which is franchised from a University. (Criteria applies)

Hardship fund
If waiting for student finance causes hardship, students can access this fund if certain criteria is met.

Employability and careers – Futures Hubs
Futures is a comprehensive suite of employability support available to Gower College Swansea students.  

Policies and procedures
For non- academic matters GCS policies and procedures apply. For academic matters, please refer to USW policies and procedures.

Internet & IT

Accessing information 

Help with logging onto moodle 


Enrichment/ Students' Union

University of South Wales

Our Responsibilities

As a student on one of our courses, here’s what we’ll be doing for you:

  • After you’ve enrolled, we’ll confirm your status to your student loan provider (if you have applied). Check the progress of your student finance confirmation online.
  • We’re accrediting your course, so our academic policies apply. That includes
    • Extenuating Circumstances and Fit to Sit policy
    • Interruption of Studies
    • Academic complaints and appeals
  • USW handles quality assurance of the course, and handles second-marking, external examiners and award boards (which finalise grades at the end of the academic year)
  • You can access our library's resources.
  • Every enrolled student has a USW IT account. This includes a student email address and storage through Office 365. 
  • Your end-of-year results are managed by us
  • When you complete your studies, you can graduate at one of our graduation ceremonies

Got a question about USW’s services?

Email [email protected]

Gower College Swansea

Our Responsibilities

As a student at our college, here’s what we’ll be doing for you:
Got a question about Gower College Swansea's services? Contact [email protected].

  • Our tutors teach the classes and mark your work
  • Our tutors will tell you how to access learning materials for your modules online
  • Our tutors will tell you how to submit work
  • Our Higher Education Central Team team will advise you about any non-academic matter
  • You can access our library's resources
  • Every enrolled student has a Gower College Swansea IT account,
  • this includes a student email address through